Anglers can Fish from the lower deck which commands the best Panoramic view of the Lake in Lavasa. Anglers can enjoy snacks, meals, drinks which will be served on request and will be chargeable.

The Lake is home to over quite a few species of Major carp and other freshwater fish. You could also be lucky enough to hook onto a Murrell or a Cray Fish which are in abundant. The variety of Fish here makes this Lake great for all types of Anglers especially for those looking to catch on night gear. This has been a major confidence booster and tonic, especially if the Carp have been elusive.

Anglers can click a picture with their catch our trained staff will be able to assist Anglers with the same. Anglers are most welcome to either retain or release their catch. Dasvino Town & Country Club will be more than pleased to cook and serve the catch if the Angler wishes to do so, charges will be provided on request.